Why Buy Tiny Toes......

We care about your little ones feet. This is why we didn't just strive to create the best-looking baby shoes out there, we also wanted to make sure that they played a vital part in the healthy development of your babies' feet as they crawled and progressively learned to walk.

In order to do this, we placed an enormous emphasis on quality during every stage of the development of our shoe designs. When your baby uses high quality shoes like ours, they will:

  • Benefit from protection against dirt and bacteria on the ground, lowering their chances of illness
  • Have properly secured feet when learning to walk in outside areas, encouraging effective bone, soft tissue development and stability
  • Benefit from more effective body temperature regulation as less heat will be lost through the feet
  • Feel more confident and comfortable as they learn to walk outdoors
  • Experience less cuts and grazes due to added protection against rough surfaces and objects like stones and glass
  • Learn about the importance of footwear and how it functions from a young age 
  • Be the coolest looking baby in the play pen!

We're sure that after buying your first pair of shoes from tiny toes, whether it's to assist your child with crawling or walking for the first time. You're going to love watching them progress with cute, comfortable confidence.