We are an Online Baby Boutique!

For several years, we have been contemplating starting an online baby store. With our busy work life, we never got around to devote the time it truly required.

In 2020, with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we finally had the courage to invest our time, effort and imagination to our long overdue passionate vision of an Online Baby Boutique. As this is our first business adventure, we decided to introduce a finely selected, limited range of baby shoe designs.

We have seen the joy in parents and cuteness in babies when they are dressed up in their first pair of shoes. Especially when they're the right pair. Research clearly suggests the important role that high quality baby shoes play in the healthy development of baby feet.

We love our shoe collection and we're absolutely sure that babies and parents will love them too. It was the desire to create the safest and most effective shoes possible for babies’ that lead to tiny toes being born.

There are many more beautiful and creative designs that we're looking forward to introducing you to as the tiny toes journey continues. We also feel that this will allow you to be a part of our ongoing story and for us to be a part of yours and your babies, too. 

Our Prices

Our premium prices reflect the quality of the material, skill of our shoemakers, the effort that has gone in to creating environmentally friendly packaging, and the materials and delivery process of the shoes that we provide to our discerning and valuable customers.

Our priority is to make classy and trendy designs without compromising on quality, safety, environmental impact and the overall well-being of your baby. 

Quality and Safety of Baby Shoes 

You will see that the finely selected, limited range of shoes in our collection are: 

a) lightweight and flexible  

b) breathable and comfortable 

c) richly finished with a smooth feel 

d) easy to use when putting on and taking off

e) use of safety conscious materials

Always feel free to provide feedback and share your experiences, so that together, we can continue to improve our quality standards thereby increasing your precious ones health and safety. 

Environmentally Friendly 

As a family start-up, from the beginning, we strived to make tiny toes renowned as an environmentally friendly baby brand. This is in line with our values and the importance we place on our products and our customers. 

Shoes: We use an environmentally friendly / vegan friendly microfiber leather in most of our designs which have been handmade by experienced shoemakers. This is a great start and sends out a lot of positive messages. We aim to share these messages on an ongoing basis via our blog page and social media platforms. 

Packaging: We have taken considerable effort to make our packaging environmentally friendly. Example a) the tiny toes branded customer packaging box is made of cardboard b) our packing materials including the wrappers, stickers and delivery envelopes are premium grade and environmentally friendly. We're really eager to hear what you think of our packaging, too! 

Overall Well-being

We have plans to share tips and messages on the overall well-being of babies, tiny toes shoes and parenting. We aim to do this via our website blog and on facebook, instagram, pinterest and twitter social media platforms on url @tinytoeskids

Our Guarantee

We focus less on making our website look beautiful compared to our continuous commitment in making our products safe and high quality. We guarantee that once you try our shoes on your baby, or buy a tiny toes pair as a gift, you will continue to be part of tiny toes family.

Come along with Tiny Toes

We also invite you to share your feedback on how we can improve tiny toes in serving you and your baby. Please write to us via email on