Microfiber leather is an amazingly lightweight, vegan friendly synthetic leather option that is created using microfiber material. It offers a wide variety of benefits including antibacterial properties, a super lightweight and comfortable feel, plenty of breathability and has an incredibly low impact on the environment. It's also completely cruelty free.

In case you haven't heard of microfiber leather before, we're going to run through the various reasons why we think you and your baby are going to love it when you order your first pair of microfiber leather baby shoes.


Let's dive into the 6 reasons why our vegan friendly microfiber leather baby shoes are such a great option for your little one as they develop. 

#1-They Offer Anti Bacterial Properties

Microfiber leather material is incredibly resistant to external elements, this can be seen in regards to its general durability but arguably the most important benefit of this is the fact that harmful germs and bacteria can't find their way into the nooks and crannies of your babies feet.

This is an often overlooked area when it comes to first time baby walking. Though it's important that your infant is able to explore the ground with bare feet, there are certain situations where this simply isn't going to be possible. If your infant were to walk around barefoot constantly, they may be exposed to negative elements that could lead to disease, infection and illness.

Microfiber leather offers a great barrier for combating these issues when they're exploring the world vertically (or even whilst crawling.)

#2-They're Incredibly Breathable And Lightweight

The big fear when using baby shoes is that your infant isn't going to be able to "feel" the ground underneath them properly, thus meaning that they can't properly connect their soft tissue structure and develop the relevant areas needed for effective walking.

The key when equipping them with baby shoes is to find a material that is so lightweight and breathable that it doesn't feel like they're wearing excessive padding whilst also providing adequate support and comfort. This is precisely where microfiber leather comes up trumps.

Because of its dynamic nature that allows it to match the contours of the feet perfectly whilst also providing added comfort during steps, this means that your baby will still be able to effectively connect with the ground underneath them.

Wearing shoes all of the time isn't a viable solution, but it means that in the instances where your child does wear them, you can rest assured that their progress isn't being hindered.

#3-They're Highly Durable

Because microfiber leather has been formed using a combination of at least 4 completely safe but incredibly strong synthetic materials (including Kevlar, Nomex, nylon and Trogamide) this means that microfiber leather baby shoes are very resilient and hard wearing.

As a result, not only do they offer a great level of protection for your baby's precious feet, but you're also not going to have to replace them every other week as you would with low quality foot wear. This makes them great value and incredibly safe.

#4-They're Low Maintenance

Whilst it's great that microfiber leather keeps dirt out meaning that the integrity of microfiber leather baby shoes isn't compromised due to dirt and grime, this doesn't change the fact that you're still going to need to maintain them and clean them regularly to get rid of the dirt that collects on the exterior of the shoe.

Luckily, microfiber leather baby shoes are machine washable and taking care of them is a total breeze. Considering the fact that babies love to find new ways of getting dirty on what seems like an almost constant basis, this is a very welcome benefit.

#5-Microfiber Leather Is Usually A Little Cheaper Than Real Leather Whilst Arguably Offering Better Value

Because being a parent is expensive enough as it is, having additional outlays when it comes to baby clothing is never ideal. Luckily, microfiber leather is usually slightly cheaper than real leather (due to lower manufacturing costs) whilst typically offering a much higher degree of stability and breathability due to its highly dexterous nature.

To get the same level of dexterity out of real leather you'd potentially have to spend on premium grade leather shoes that could cost more. Even then, there's no guarantee that they'd be anywhere near as breathable and protective as microfiber leather shoes.

#6-Microfiber Leather Leaves No Impact On The Environment And It's Vegan Friendly

One of the best aspects of microfiber leather is the fact that it has been created using environmentally friendly materials that leave no impact on the ozone layer or the world around us.

As it's completely synthetic, this also means that it's cruelty free as a result of no animals being involved in the manufacturing process. On every level, it's a win for you and your baby whilst also being a huge win for the planet every time you buy a pair of microfiber baby shoes.


After reading through today's post we hope that you feel as passionate as we do about our vegan friendly microfiber leather baby shoes and agree that they are an excellent option for your little one.

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