When you’re buying a product for your baby, we know how important it is to make sure you’re providing them with something that’s completely safe. 

But you also want it your product to stand the test of time, particularly as baby's venture out into the world around during the most crucial stages of their development.

This is why we made sure that the people who craft your Tiny Toes baby shoes are as passionate as we are about delivering the highest quality footwear possible.

We also strive to make sure they’re cute and trendy enough to make your infant stand out from the crowd.

Our Shoemakers are Experts in Crafting Tiny Toes Baby Shoes

Our expert shoemakers have been handcrafting shoes of all shapes and sizes for over 10 years. Working with grade A materials like our vegan friendly microfiber leather, they supply a wide variety of well known, highly established brand names from their world class facility in one of the most highly revered production districts in China.

The process starts with each one of our unique Tiny Toes baby shoe designs.

Once we’ve decided on precisely how we want a pair of our premium baby shoes to look and feel on your little one’s feet, that’s when we hand the idea over to our shoemakers to make it a comfortable, cute and safe reality.

Moulding Your Shoes

Once the design has been passed over to the expert manufacturing team, they then use it to create a precise and intricate mould. When we’re happy that the mould resembles the finished product we’re trying to achieve, after extensive consultation, it’s then time to start piecing the real thing together.

Using grade A materials, the mould for each one of our Tiny Toes baby shoe designs is then used to carefully develop and build our Tiny Toes baby shoes, one tiny step at a time. Every aspect of the production process is handled with extreme care to ensure that there are no harmful or uncomfortable defects present when the shoes are placed snugly onto your baby’s feet.

Quality Control

What lead to us placing so much trust in our shoemakers to deliver safe and comfortable baby footwear?

Well, it was their diligent and meticulous approach to ensuring every stage of the shoe production process was strictly monitored and controlled to guarantee a grade A result that parents everywhere would be satisfied with.

At each stage of completion, there are strict quality control measures in place to ensure that each pair of our shoes meet stringent safety and functionality standards as they’re going through the manufacturing process. And if the criteria of these measures isn’t met, the shoes aren’t deemed to be good enough for your little one to place onto their delicate little feet.

Only when each pair of Tiny Toes shoes has progressed through and passed each and every stage of the quality control process are they then of a high enough standard to make it to one of our environmentally friendly, fully biodegradable delivery boxes ready to ship out to you and your little adventurer.

Strict Safety Measures

Even though we know that it’s important to reassure you about the strict quality control methods used to produce our baby footwear, we also know that during these worrying times the all too familiar threat of Covid-19 sits at the forefront of every parent’s mind.

This is another reason why we knew that our chosen shoemakers were the right people to make Tiny Toes baby shoes. Though their manufacturing processes and quality control measures are second to none, this also filters through into their Covid-19 health and safety regulations.

At every single stage of your baby’s shoe production, our shoemakers wear the highest quality protective equipment to safeguard the precious materials used to craft your little one’s shoes from any potentially harmful bacteria and germs.

Not only that, but the shoes themselves are constantly cleaned and sanitised as they progress through the production line. No chances are taken whatsoever with your baby’s health, meaning that the moment your shoes arrive you can confidently place them onto your child’s feet without having to worry about whether or not they’re safe and clean, straight out of the box.

Fair, Positive And Friendly

Along with an array of the highest calibre safety and control measures, we also wanted to ensure that your baby’s shoes were crafted using positive, happy energy too. That’s why we made sure that the shoemakers we chose to create every pair of our Tiny Toes baby shoes were treated fairly and kindly.

We believe that a positive working environment in conjunction with the planet friendly nature of our shoes and their packaging makes for an all-encompassing, happy, healthy, memorable and meaningful product that you and your baby will love for years to come.


Spread The Word

We’re incredibly proud of all of the time and effort that’s gone into every stage of the Tiny Toes baby shoe production process, from concept to delivery, and we’d love to hear your thoughts on how we’ve done things.

We welcome you to follow us on social media and your feedback will always prove to be an invaluable part of everything that we do.

Whether you think that we’re doing things in the best way we can or you have some suggestions to improve what we’re doing, get in touch and let us know your thoughts.

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