Watching your baby take its first steps is a huge moment. And it makes choosing your baby’s first pair of walking shoes a really exciting time.

Like any good parent, though, you want your child to grow and develop into a healthy, strong and happy toddler. So, how do you know when it’s the right time to invest in their first pair of walking shoes? 

Tiny Toes Baby Shoes can help you choose the right shoes at the right moment. We want to support your baby to make their first steps in the world with comfort and confidence. 

And that’s why, in this blog, we’ll share some insights on how to know when your child is in the pre-walking phase.

What’s more, we’ll help you consider when to invest in your baby’s first pair of walking shoes.

Choose Your Baby’s First Pair of Walking Shoes During the Cruising Phase

The ‘cruising’ phase is when your baby starts to crawl and reach out to objects around them. During this time, they’re actually learning to walk. By pulling themselves up onto furniture or by holding onto walls, they’re exploring the potential to stand or move on their feet.

Cruising is a pre-walking stage that usually starts somewhere around 10 to 18 months. During this time, babies’ feet need some comfort and protection, whether they’re indoors or outdoors.

And because our sizes start from UK 2, Tiny Toes Baby Shoes are made to be your baby’s first pair of walking shoes.

So how will you know when they’re in the ‘cruising phase’?

Let’s find out…

How Your Baby Will Develop During the Cruising Phase

When your baby enters the cruising phase, there are signs you can spot that will help you know that they’re in the early stages of walking.

Some of the benefits to this important developmental phase are:

They'll Strengthen Their legs

Many years ago, researchers decided leg strength and balance control determined whether a toddler had the ability to walk.

So these are the aspects of walking your toddler will intuitively be exploring.

And once their legs are strong enough to carry their body weight, and they’ve practiced moving one foot in front of the other, they may well be ready to start walking.  

They'll Find Their Independence

The cruising phase is all about your baby finding their independence.

And while it is rewarding to see them pull themselves up using a chair or coffee table, their tiny toes will be at greater risk from knocks and scrapes.

So, this is why our indoor pre-walkers are built with soft, comforting, cotton-made interiors. They protect your little one’s toes while giving them space to grow.

They'll Play, Discover and Explore

When your baby first enters the cruising phase, you need to start thinking ‘safety first’.

And this means clearing enough space in your home so that your baby can move around freely, easily and without causing themselves harm.

To create a safe space, make sure furniture is free of sharp corners and there are no hazardous items.  

Your baby will be using nearby items to practice their walking. So, you need to keep them safe from harm by keeping these out of their reach.

To keep tiny toes safe, our microfiber, vegan leather pre-walker shoes will protect your baby’s feet while giving them the confidence to practice their walking.

What to Look Out for in Your Baby’s First Pair of Walking Shoes

So, now that you have a sense of when your baby will enter the cruising phase, what should you look out for when considering your baby’s first pair of walking shoes?

Here are some considerations:

  • Find a way to measure your baby’s feet. This will ensure correct sizing
  • Pre-walker shoes should be soft, comfortable and flexible enough to support your baby as they learn to walk
  • Leather-made shoes are robust for outdoors and offer a non-slip sole
  • Shoe seams and edges should be soft and should be easy for you to fasten
  • Check your baby’s feet every six to eight weeks to ensure maximum fitting

From Cruising to Walking, Tiny Toes Baby Shoes Protect Your Baby’s Feet and Encourage Them to Become Confident Walkers

Tiny Toes Baby Shoes have a range of pre-walker shoes for indoors and outdoors, which start at size UK 2. All our shoes are made from sustainable materials and allow enough space for your baby’s feet to grow.

From Humpty Tot to Itsy Tot, every set of Tiny Toes Baby Shoes is designed to protect your baby’s feet from harm and encourage them to take safe, confident steps in the world.

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