Our goal is to provide your little one with the best first pair of shoes they’ll ever own. And this doesn't stop with the exceptional quality of the shoes themselves because we wanted to deliver them to you in an unforgettable way, too.

All of the elements that people love about our shoes including their nature- friendly materials and quirky, cute design are also perfectly encapsulated with the Tiny Toes baby shoe delivery box.


Baby Shoes Packaging That You and the Planet Will Love

Let’s dive into all of the reasons why our baby shoe packaging stands out from the crowd as much as the quality of our shoes does.

The Tiny Toes Logo And Size Chart

We proudly display our name on the top of our baby shoe boxes because we’re excited to be a part of your baby’s journey as they develop and for you to be a part of ours as we step out into the world and establish our brand.


As one of the first customers to purchase shoes from us, we’re confident that in time you’ll be sharing the Tiny Toes name with your friends and family, too.

We’ve included a quick reference size chart on the side of our boxes to make it easier for you to determine which pair of Tiny Toes shoes are going to be the best fit for your little one’s feet, regardless of the sizing metrics you’re used to.

We’ve also included all of our social media handles, because we want to invite you to join us and be the first to find out about our new products, some really useful parenting tips and also share in a little light-hearted cheer with our cute baby posts.

Our Thank You Sticker And Premium Gemstone Wrapping Paper

When you open the box to take out your baby’s first pair of Tiny Toes baby shoes, you’ll be greeted with the Tiny Toes thank you sticker. Your satisfaction is incredibly important to us, and we really can’t wait to hear all about your little one’s development as they explore the world around them proudly wearing a pair of shoes from our collection.

TINY TOES BABY SHOE PACKAGING. Our Thank You Sticker And Premium Gemstone Wrapping Paper.

We’ve also wrapped your baby’s shoes in cute, premium grade soft gemstone tissue paper that features multicoloured dots and is acid free, meaning that it won’t leave any harmful residue on your baby’s shiny new shoes or on the environment when you choose to dispose of it.

 Your little one will love the design and what’s more, it helps to cushion your precious Tiny Toes shoes as they make their way to you via one of our swift delivery services.

Presentation is key, which is why we wanted to ensure that you got a warm and sincere greeting when first opening one of our delivery boxes. Every word on the sticker is true. Our shoes really are made with love and we care deeply about delivering products that bring a big smile to the faces of baby’s and parents alike.

It’s All Environmentally Friendly, Vegan Friendly And Biodegradable

We’ve saved the best part for last. Just like our baby shoes, all of our packaging is completely environmentally friendly and vegan friendly. It’s also fully biodegradable. We believe in being kind to the planet, because one day, the world your baby is learning to walk in will one day be theirs to inherit.

That’s why we do everything that we can to ensure that it’ll always be here for them to roam, laugh, and love in. We want them to have a bright future too, just like you do.

We don’t believe that any animals should be harmed to bring your baby the highest quality products either. This is why we only ever use materials in our shoes and packaging that aren’t bred from animal cruelty or testing.

Take a look at our collection.

It comes purely from the heart, and that starts with being kind. We even send every order out in an eco-friendly envelope to ensure that no aspect of our packaging will leave a harmful footprint on the planet.