Your Tiny Toes Baby Shoes have been made out of the finest quality materials to ensure that they are the most comfortable, safe and hard wearing shoes your precious little one will ever wear.
They're also very environmentally friendly to make sure that your baby's first steps are kind to the planet.
Let's take a closer look at the premium materials we use to construct our stylish baby shoes for boys and girls so that you can see for yourself why your infant is going to love putting their feet into them from the moment that they take their first steps.

Our Vegan Friendly Microfiber Leather And Cotton Shoe Soles

Most of our soft baby shoe soles have been made out of premium, vegan friendly microfiber leather meaning that they have a comfortable, soft feel on the feet whilst also being incredibly durable to ensure that they can withstand every adventure that your tiny tot sets out on.
We also make use of soft cotton soles in our pre-walking shoes so that your baby's tiny feet are kept warm and snug whilst they crawl and discover the world around them in style. We make sure that no matter what stage of development your little one is at, the soles of their feet feel completely comfortable.

Our Stylish Shoe Exteriors

Though the different styles available mean that you'll be able to find the perfect pair of baby boy shoes or baby shoes for girls, the majority of our shoe exteriors are all made out of hard wearing, snug and super soft microfiber leather to deliver a stylish and more importantly, safe and comforting first time baby shoe.
Our pre-walker shoes with soft cotton and felt materials also allow for maximum warmth, comfort and style to match our microfiber leather pre-walker shoe options. No matter where your baby is or what they're doing, they'll be the coolest looking walker in the play pen.

Our Soft Cotton Shoe Stitching

When creating our baby shoes for boys and girls we really wanted to make sure that absolutely every inch of the material used would provide maximum comfort for your baby, no matter whether they were crawling or walking. This is why we ensured that we used the softest cotton possible to bring the separate sections of your little walkers shoes together.

Through the use of soft cotton stitching we've ensured that no matter how many little movements your precious baby's tiny toes make whilst they're wearing their new pair of shoes, they aren't going to catch on any nasty plastic or nylon stitching and their feet are able to breathe, kick and wriggle in exactly the way they were supposed to. With no discomfort being experienced in the process.

Cotton stitching also allows the different sections of your little one's baby shoes to move freely and easily meaning that they perfectly match the form of your infants feet. The shoes move with them, as opposed to against them encouraging maximum muscular development as they're able to properly connect with the ground underneath them.

Tiny Tot Shoe Lining

To perfectly complement the soft, comforting feel of the exterior of our pre-walker and crawling shoes we've made sure that the interior of every single pair of Tiny Toes baby shoes provides maximum comfort, too.

In order to achieve this, we've used either soft, premium grade vegan friendly microfiber leather, cotton, or felt to make your little ones toes feel warm and secure whilst they're making their first steps or crawling around the living room in the pursuit of their favourite toys.

Our Shoe Zips

Depending on the shoe style, many of our Tiny Toes baby shoes feature a secure zip to ensure that your little ones feet don't slip out whilst they're adventuring. This means that they can continue to develop the confidence needed to be able to walk permanently with a minimal amount of setbacks.

We use soft rubber to secure your little ones feet comfortably on our wrap around zips and plastic for the central top zipper on our other models. The placement of the plastic zipper provides maximum security without it digging into your baby's soft feet in the process.

Buttons And Ribbons

Some of our Tiny Toes baby shoes feature ribbons and buttons to securely fasten them in place whilst providing a stylish and classy appearance in the process. The buttons we use in our pre-walker shoes are made out of metal to ensure that they fasten securely whilst also offering a high level of durability.

Our ribbons are made out of soft velvet to perfectly compliment the soft feel of our cotton pre-walker shoes whilst also being hard wearing enough to keep your little one's shoes firmly in place whilst they're crawling through their next adventure.

Our Tiny Toes Shoe Zip Emblem

Our finishing touch, the Tiny Toes baby shoes zip emblem sits proudly at the end of the zip on every pair of our premium boutique shoes. The emblem is made out of soft rubber meaning that it is perfectly at home with either our super soft cotton crawling or microfiber leather walker shoes.

On the top, the Tiny Toes logo sits prominently, allowing your precious little one to make their first fashion statement as they step out into the world around them for the first time.