When it comes to the early years of your child, you want to make sure they’re wearing the right footwear.

And since children’s feet are growing all the time, you’ll need to know what type of shoes to give them and when.

So, to make sure their early years are the very best you could imagine, we’ll share some reasons why you should buy your baby’s first pair of walking shoes.

Studies show that it’s normal for babies’ feet to grow between 0.5” to 0.75” in a year. And this means their feet are growing around half a size every three months.

So what is it about Tiny Toes Baby Shoes that make them the perfect shoe for your child’s early years?


1. They Support the Early Years Development of Your Baby’s Feet

When children are learning to walk, the soles of their feet receive sensory information from the surfaces they walk on. At this stage, they’re getting to know the feel and touch of various surfaces.

And it’s during this early phase of pre-walking—or cruising—that babies’ feet need to be bare for some of the time. But they will also be helped by wearing a soft-soled shoe that stops their tiny feet from getting hurt. Especially when they knock into sharp corners or hard surfaces.

Babies’ feet also need a shoe that leaves enough space for them to develop muscle strength. So it helps that Tiny Toes baby shoes come in a range of outdoor and indoor shoes, which make them the perfect support to develop your baby’s walking.


2. Their Durability Provides Protection for Tiny Toes

Human feet consist of 26 bones and 35 joints.

And while the bones in baby’s feet won’t be so developed yet, from the age of 6 months onwards their cartilage-like tissue will begin to harden. Slowly, it will form into bone tissue.  

Your baby shoes should fit them well. They should also leave enough space for their tiny toes to grow.

But they do need to be durable enough to protect your baby’s feet from any sensory impact that may overwhelm their tiny nerves and skin.

Surfaces that are too hot, too cold, or even loose items on the floor like cardigans can leave their feet irritated.


3. Laces or Straps Will Prevent Too Much Movement

Tiny Toes Baby Shoes with laces or straps are a great way to keep your baby’s feet protected while preventing too much movement.

Our Humpty Tots, for example, have a unique zipper-fastener that keeps feet snug while offering enough space for feet to move around.

But you really do want your pre-walker shoes to protect those tiny feet during their early years. And that’s why we’ve also designed solid, classic shoes like Itsy Tot.

This offers the perfect way to hold your baby’s feet in place while giving them the control they need.


4. They Absorb the Impact of Stomping Little Feet

When children are learning to walk, they’ll explore the potential of what their feet can do by jumping or slamming them on the floor.

And if there are any loose items on the floors like toys, building blocks or hazardous objects, they could hurt or even damage those tiny feet if they slam them too hard.

Tiny Toes Baby Shoes are durable. They also come with robust vegan-leather soles that can withstand the impact of most surfaces. Their cozy interiors are also soft and keep their toes happy!


5. They Give Your Child Confidence in their Walking Skills

To support your baby to be a confident walker, pre-walker baby shoes should be lightweight and flexible. This way, they won’t try to challenge your baby’s feet with trying to bend or flex a harder sole.

Instead, they can feel confident that their shoes will protect them from any scrapes or scratches while their feet stay light and breezy.

Getting the right shoe size is important too.

Make sure to measure up your baby’s feet size regularly. Keep a log of how they’re changing at regular intervals.  And above all, make sure your baby is happy with their tiny little shoes!


Take a Look at Our Range of Tiny Toes Pre-Walker, Early Years Baby Shoes

Tiny Toes Baby Shoes offers a wide selection of pre-walker shoes for the early years.

We only use sustainable materials to build our shoes. And this includes vegan leather, which we love! Plus, all our packaging comes from sustainable sources to.

Every pair of Tiny Toes Baby Shoes will protect tiny toes from harm while providing comfort, support and stylish designs.

Take a look at our shoes and help turn your child into a confident walker during their early years.